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Yamaha FZ09 '14-17,XSR900 '16+ Front Mount 35mm Eccentric Adjustable Adapter Plate Assembly



Our adapter plate bolts directly to the stock handlebar mount keeping all of the stock clearances- while putting your hands in a more natural position. This setup allows the use of multiple risers giving you the ability to custom tailor the bar height for optimum comfort and performance. 

Each plate is machined from tough billet aluminum giving your bike a custom look while making them much stronger than the stock handlebars. The handlebar tubes are kept as separate pieces allowing for inexpensive replacement in the event of a crash. 

Rise Guide - Here are some approximate bar movement examples to help you determine how you would like to install them.

  • 1.5 inch riser - UP position:  Results in a 1.5 inch drop over stock
  • 35mm Riser - UP position:  This all new kit is similar to the 1.5 inch riser position but has an adjustable handlebar angle     
  • 1 inch riser - UP position:  Results in a 2 inch drop over stock.  This setup can be run "Up" or "Down"     
  • 1 inch riser DOWN position :  Results in a 3 inch drop over stock.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Down position 10mm Riser Spacer Kit (Part number 12-0409SP-10B) for proper tank clearance

These exclusive designs dramatically improve the front end feel of the FZ09/MT09/XSR900 motorcycles and help riders feel much more comfortable during spirited riding!  This kit comes standard with long black handlebars.

Spare Parts
12-1560 5 Degree Adjustable Clipon Riser Hardware Kit
04-FH620Z Flat Head M6x20 Zinc Screw
04-FH820Z - QTY: 2 FHSC M8x20 10.9 Zinc Screw
04-SC620Z - QTY: 2 SHCS M6-1.0 x 20- Zinc
12-7799 - QTY: 2 Clipon Riser 5 Degree Bar Sleeve
12-5591B Clipon Riser 35mm Front Mount Adjustable Clamp Set (L/R)
12-9409 Yamaha FZ09 FJ09 XSR900 Gauge Relocation Kit
04-BH620Z Button Head Socket Cap M6x20 Z screw
04-LN6Z Locknut M6-1.0 Nylon Insert- Zinc(shift and brake pedals)
04-SP18B 04-SP1/8 1/2x1/8 Round Spacer - Black
13-4100 - QTY: 2 13-4100 12 inch (Standard) Replacement handlebar assembly- 7...
13-0100BE Bar Plug End- Large
13-0100BE2 Bar End Small

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