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Wedell Williams Model 44 1/8 Scale ARF #0247


Box opened, but appears new

The Wedell-Williams Model 44 was a racing aircraft, four examples of which were built in the United States in the early 1930s. It began as a rebuilding of the partnership's successful We-Will racer of 1929, but soon turned into a completely new aircraft. It was a typical 1930s racer design: a braced, low-wing monoplane powered by a large radial engine and equipped with fixed landing gear in large spats.

Model 44s were raced in the 1932, ‘33 and ‘34 Bendix Trophy races, as well as the 1934 Thompson and Shell Trophy. In September, 1933 at the International Air Race in Chicago, the 44 piloted by Jimmie Wedell set the new world speed record of 305.33 miles per hour. (Wikipedia)


Kit Should include:


  • Fuselage
  • Battery hatch / cockpit
  • Canopy
  • Fiberglass cowl
  • Metal landing gear with wood gear covers
  • Plastic wheel pants
  • Foam main wheels
  • Aluminum and plastic tail wheel assembly
  • Wings - Ailerons are factory hinged (not glued)
  • Wing tube
  • Horizontal stab - Elevator factory hinged (not glued)
  • Vertical fin - Rudder factory hinged (not glued)
  • 2 Motor mounts (short and long)
  • Misc. building hardware


Items needed for completion:


  • Aircraft radio system and receiver - minimum 4 channels
  • 3 cell 1800 to 2200 mah LiPo battery pack.
  • 4 - Hitec HS-55 servos or equivalent
  • 18 amp Brushless speed controller - minimum
  • AXI 2217/16 Brushless outrunner motor or equivalent
  • APC-E 10x7 propeller or similar
  • Misc. building tools and glues


The major sub assemblies are covered in a very brilliant plastic film covering that had no wrinkles or bubbles. The fuselage appeared rather bulky but was fairly light for its stature. At first I thought the fuselage had a fiberglass front and bottom section, but on further inspection it appeared to be some type of well formed heavy-duty plastic. The wood framework inside of the fuselage is a thing of beauty; someone has some good laser programming skills. The wings are incredibly light. They come pre-hinged, although the hinges need to be glued in by the modeler. The painted parts had nice clean lines, and the color match was near perfect. The yellow trim color is not painted but is actually trim tape that is applied before the clear coat is sprayed on the fiberglass parts. The fiberglass cowl was very sturdy without being too heavy. As provided the cowl needed some modification (more on that later). The wheel pants were very light but also very flimsy. The Model 44 also comes with an incredible aluminum trailing link tail wheel assembly that looks great on the completed aircraft. The included building supplies were about what I would expect except for the many feet of included flying wires. Overall I was impressed: The airframe looked great and appeared well thought out.

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