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Vinh Quang RC Fly Baby ARF Airplane #0246

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Homebuilt aircraft have long been a popular way to enter the world of full size general aviation. One of the original homebuilts is the Bower’s Fly Baby. The design is as famous in EAA home-built aircraft circles as the Cessna 152 is to general aviation pilots.

This VQ ARF’s model is inspired by a full size Fly Baby that has been fl own for fun and in air shows all over the midwest! The color scheme is a scale color scheme and looks great in the air! This popular model is great for intermediate pilots looking for a fun and easy “second” airplane now that they’ve solo’d. For experienced modelers the Fly Baby is fun and easy to fl y. You’ll want to fl y it over and over again.

VQ recognizes today's R/C pilot wants to fl y his aircraft with his favorite type power system. This model is designed to accept two stroke, four stroke, and electric power systems. Power it any way you want !

The Fly Baby is convenient too with it’s easy access top hatch and two-piece bolt-on wing. Easy to build, easy to transport, easy to fly. You’ll love flying the Fly Baby!

- Factory Laser Cut, Jig-Built.
- All balsa and lite-ply construction
- Factory Covered and Finished
- Hand Painted Pilot
- Fiberglass Cowling
- Control surfaces pre-hinged and installed
- Two piece wing with aluminium wing joiner

- Molded Dummy Engine Cylinders
- Compatible with Glow and Electric Power System
- Big Battery Hatch for Easy change battery
- Easy-to-remove Fuselage Top Cover
- Complete Hardware Package

- Wingspan: 1618mm - 63.7in
- Wing Area: -
- Wing Loading: 73.9g/dm.sq. - 23.9oz/ (Will
- Vary with Equipment Used)
- Length: 1168mm - 46in
- RTF Minimum Weight: 3.18Kg - 7lbs
  (Will Vary with Equipment Used)
- Radio: 4 channels - 4 (3 if EP) standard servos and 2
mini servos
- Engine: 46 Two Stroke, 52 Four Stroke
- Motor: G-46 HP Motor, 5 cell 4500mAh, 13x6 propeller
- Functions: Ailerons/Elevator/Rudder/Throttle


Does not include: radio, motor, glue, and silicon fuel line

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