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Top Model CZ Meteor ARF Plane Kit 020101 #0269


Appears new in the box. Orange and Blue Color Indicated 

Powerful thermic electric glider for sports and competition flying in a two-meter category. It is also possible to use for flying RCEO and RCE7 categories.
We prepared a new sailplane called the Meteor for the very popular two-meter category. The Meteor is closely related to popular models Avia and Prelude.

Many expert pilots will be particularly surprised by its excellent flight qualities, given by the thin wing airfoil and weak weight.
Thanks to large area length the model has calm and steady gliding. There are several possibilities how to mix the functions of the flaps (high performance thermal soaring, spot landing etc.).
The wing spar from carbon fibre is giving the wing enough strength and stiffness.

The model is designed and manufactured in Czech Republic.

If you are interested in a different color combination than we offer, please contact us.

Technical specification: 

1950 mm

1340 mm

1,25-1,35 kg

37,2 dm2

33,6-36,3 g/dm2



RC equipment:  5 channel 
                         2 micro servos for ailerons ( Hitec HS 82MG )
                         2 servo for flaps ( Hitec HS 82MG )
                         1 servo for elevator ( Hitec HS 82MG )
                         1 servo for rudder ( Hitec HS 82MG )
Motor:             XPower F3826/10; AXI 2820/12 GOLD LINE V2 Long; (MVVS 3,5/960)
Controller:       JETI SPIN 44
Spinner:           "turbo" spinner ø40mm - 0201559
Accu:                Akku LiPol Xpower 2800-3S EX (55/30C)

Content of the set:
  • Light fuselage moulded in white tinted epoxy fiberglass
  • Two piece wing is made in balsa framework with wing joiner, leading edges and wing spar made of carbon and covered with Oracover®
  • Tailplane are made in a balsa framework with carbon spar and leading edges and covered with Oracover®
  • Top quality accessories and decal sheet
  • Complete assembly manual with step by step illustrations

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