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Last Chance Archery EZ Green Bow Press #0231


Appears new or like new in the box that has been opened 

What is photographed is included. 

EZ Green / EZ Press Difference Explained:

The main difference is the EZ Green uses a hand crank instead of a hand wheel for movement in and out. The crank just doesn’t move in and out quite as fast and smooth as the hand wheel on the EZ Press.

Also, the EZ Press has adjustable legs to allow you to adjust the height of your press and allows for easy swapping from bench mounts, wall mounts and / or a floor stand.

Lastly, there is a difference on the press blocks where the fingers mount to the body of the press. The blocks on the EZ Green are steel and are welded in place. Where as the ones on the EZ Press are machined aluminum and are mounted to the press with bolts. The only time this could be an issue is if we ever needed to update / create a new block system. The greens would not have the ability to swap to the new system and the regular presses would. This hasn’t happened in the years since we opened in 2004, it’s just not something we can definitely guarantee won’t ever happen. Both designs working exactly the same and use the same finger system overall. So functionality wise you’ll be good to go with either press you choose!


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