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LA Heli Cierva C30 Semi Scale RC Autogyro #0253

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Rotor: 680 mm (27")
Length: 540 mm (21")
Flying Weight: 300 - 400 g (11 - 14 oz)
Motor: MT2709
Battery: 3 S LiPo 1000 - 1500 mAh

The Cierva C. 30 autogiro first flew in 1934 and was ordered by the RAF as the Avro Rota. It was also ordered by several European nations.
France produced 64 of these machines under license. These flew reconnaissance sorties during 1939/40. The British ones were used for calibration duties.

Now LaHeli made an accurate scale reproduction of this autogyro. The Cierva C30 is based on the Rotorshape mechanic which has proven to be one of the best system on the market.

An autogyro is a type of rotary wing aircraft supported in flight by lift provided by a rotor. Unlike a helicopter, the rotor of an autogyro is driven by aerodynamic forces alone once it is in flight, and thrust is provided by an engine-powered propeller similar to that of a fixed-wing aircraft.

The rotor is composed by 3 blade. The thrust is provided by a brushless outrunner motor .

The Cierva C30 is available in two paint schemes, one is Spain the other France.


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