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05-0722 Aprilia RSV100R 2004-09, Tuono1000 2006-10, RSVMile 2004-09 GP Rearset



The foot controls are one of the most vital connections you have with your motorcycle. As a result Woodcraft designs and builds the best Rearsets available to ensure your motorcycle reacts the way you intend it to.

  • CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and offer more than twice the durability of OEM rearset brackets.
  • 3-piece Pedals giving you an even stronger assembly and continuing our tradition of easy part replacement.
  • Our trick knurled footpegs give supreme feedback and the best traction available today.
  • Woodcraft rearset kits offer eccentric foot and toe pegs for adjustability (where applicable).
  • Virtually any part in our rearset kit can be purchased separately from our kits under the Spare Parts tab

Moves pegs up and back 0.5

NOTE: This basic rearset can be used in GP shift only.

Spare Parts
04-BH1030Z - QTY: 2 Button Head Socket Cap M10-1.5x30 coarse thread- zinc
04-BH620Z Button Head Socket Cap M6x20 Z screw
04-BH835Z Button Head Socket Cap M8-1.25x35 Zinc coarse thread-(06-070...
04-FN6LZ 04-FN6LZ Nut Free-Flow 6mm LHS Zinc (shift rods) 04-FN6LZ
04-FN6RZ 04-FN6RZ Nut Free-Flow 6mm RHS Zinc (shift rods) 04-FN6RZ
04-WA531WAV Peg Washer - 531 ID
05-0712S 05-0712S Aprila Mille/MilleR/RSV4/Tuono GP spacer sleeve
05-0720L 05-0720L Aprila RSV100R 2004-09- Tuono1000 2006-10- RSVMile ...
05-0720R 05-0720R Aprilia RSV100R 2004-09- Tuono1000 2006-10- RSVMile...
05-K722 05-K722 Aprilia RSV 2004-09- RSV4 2009-15- Tuono 1000R 2006-...
04-BH625Z BHSC M6.-1.0 X 25Z (Shift Pedals)
04-FL620Z Flange Bolt M6X20
04-LN6Z Locknut M6-1.0 Nylon Insert- Zinc(shift and brake pedals)
04-SP18 04-SP18 1/2x1/8 Round Spacer1
08-5001 08-5001 Shift Spline Arm (05-K722)
08-6FRH 08-6FRH Rod end- 6mm FRH
06-01PE - QTY: 2 06-01PE Optional Plug End Footpeg
06-0300 - QTY: 2 06-0300 Replcement Footpeg with Bolt
07-0675 07-0675 Male Stainless Steel Shift Rod- 6.75" Long
08-0098 - QTY: 2 08-0098 Universal Pedal Tip- Silver- with Bolt
08-0710E - QTY: 2 08-0710E Toepeg Extender- Aprilia RSV/Touno
08-0722 08-0722 Shift Pedal Assembly- Aprilia RSV 2004-09- Touno 100...
04-BH620Z Button Head Socket Cap M6x20 Z screw
04-FH620Z Flat Head M6x20 Zinc Screw
08-0099 08-0099 Toe Peg Silver with Bolt
08-0710P 08-0710P Shift Pedal Pivot- Aprilia GP Shift
08-1199 08-1199 Short Shaft- 2 hole
08-6FLH 08-6FLH Rod end- 6mm FLH (K125-K128-08-0200-245-249-449-700)

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