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Electrifly F-16 Flight Falcon EDF Jet ARF GPMA1801 #0261


Box has been opened, but appears new. 

 This is the brushless electric powered, radio controlled, almost ready to fly ElectriFly F-16 Falcon EDF.

For advanced RC pilots, not suitable for beginning or intermediate pilots.
This ducted fan jet reaches speeds over 90 mph (145 km/h), and should only be flown at the flying site of an AMA-chartered club.

Because it can quickly disappear from sight, the pilot should remain focused on the plane at all times.


  • Construction: Fiberglass fuselage with balsa and ply wing and tail assembly
  • Wing: Balsa and ply, covered in Top Flite MonoKote
  • Ducted Fan Unit: Hyperflow 56mm fan
  • Aileron Control: Dual servo
  • Motor: ElectriFly Ammo 24-45-3790kV brushless inrunner
  • Canopy: Clear with lightweight profile pilot, attaches with magnets
  • Launching System: Bungee type for easy unassisted launches
  • Stand: Plywood


ARF ElectriFly F-16 Falcon EDF Airplane with Motor, Ducted Fan, Display/Assembly Stand, Launching System, Instruction Manual


Radio: Four channel
Servos: Four micro (2-aileron, 1-rudder, 1-elevator)
6" (152mm) Extensions: Two for aileron servos
Dual Servo Extension: Required if aileron servos will not be mixed
ESC: 35A, brushless compatible
Battery: 14.8V LiPo
Charger: LiPo compatible
Building and field equipment

Technical Specifications:

Wingspan: 22.5" (570mm)
Length: 34.5" (875mm)
Wing Area: 166 sq in (10.7sq dm)
Weight: 32 - 34oz (910 - 960g)
Wing Loading: 27.8 - 29.5oz/sq ft (85 - 90g/sq dm)
Center of Gravity (CG): 3-1/4" (83mm) back from the leading edge of the wing where it meets the fuselage
Control Throws: Low Rate High Rate
Elevator 3/16" (9mm) 9° 5/16" (8mm) 14°
Rudder 1/4" (6mm) 14° 11/32" (9mm) 20°
Ailerons 1/8" (3mm) 7° 3/16" (5mm) 10°

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