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08-5500 Shift Conversion Kit, Triumph Daytona 675 2006-12, Triple 2014-16, w/o QS



This kit can be used to convert a GP 675 kit to standard shift. This kit includes the standard shift pedal pivot to replace the GP shift pedal pivot- a longer shift rod and all the hardware necessary to convert to the standard shift pattern if you already have our GP shift pattern rearsets.

NOTE: This kit will NOT work on OEM rearsets.

*For Woodcraft Rearsets ONLY*

Spare Parts
07-0875 07-0875 Male Stainless Steel Shift Rod- 8.75" Long
08-0500 08-0500 Shift Pedal Assembly- Triumph Daytona 675/Street Tri...
04-BH620Z Button Head Socket Cap M6x20 Z screw
04-FH620Z Flat Head M6x20 Zinc Screw
08-0500P 08-0500P Shift Pedal Pivot- Triumph Daytona 675/Street Tripl...
08-4145 08-4145 Adjustable 2 hole Shift Shaft- Black W/ bolts
08-4899 08-4899 Adjustable Pedal Tip- Black W/ Bolt
08-6FRH 08-6FRH Rod end- 6mm FRH

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