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05-0152B Kawasaki Ninja ZX636 2019-20 - GP Shift Complete Rearset Kit W/Pedals



The foot controls are one of the most vital connections you have with your motorcycle. As a result Woodcraft designs and builds the best Rearsets available to ensure your motorcycle reacts the way you intend it to.

This kit is designed for the 2019 ZX6R to give you the optimum foot position and ground clearance for racing. This kit is upgradeable at any time to accept the CFM 3 piece billet shift pedal.

  • CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and offer more than twice the durability of OEM rearset brackets.
  • 3-piece Pedals giving you an even stronger assembly and continuing our tradition of easy part replacement.
  • Our trick knurled footpegs give supreme feedback and the best traction available today.
  • Woodcraft rearset kits offer eccentric foot and toe pegs for adjustability (where applicable).
  • Virtually any part in our rearset kit can be purchased separately from our kits under the Spare Parts tab

Moves pegs up 1" (adjustable +/- 1/4") and back 1/2" (adjustable +/- 1/4").


This kit is designed to use the OEM quickshifter in GP shift pattern.

Spare Parts
05-0151 05-0151 Kawasaki Ninja ZX636 2019-20 Rearset Kit W/Brake Ped...
04-BH616Z BHSC M6x16Z 10.9(Hand Guards-05-0315B/316B)
04-FH1035Z Flat Head M10-1.5x35 Zinc plated (Flat head footpeg bolt)
04-FH620Z Flat Head M6x20 Zinc Screw
05-0149L 05-0149L Kawasaki Ninja ZX6/636 2009-20 Left Bracket
05-0149MC 05-0149MC Kawasaki Ninja ZX6/636 2009-20 Master Cylinder Bra...
05-0149P 05-0149P Kawasaki Ninja zx6/636 2009-20 Brake Pin w/bolt
05-0149R 05-0149R Kawasaki Ninja ZX6/636 2009-20 Right Bracket
06-01PE - QTY: 2 06-01PE Optional Plug End Footpeg
06-4801 06-4801 Replacement Footpeg with Bolt
07-2310 07-2310 Female Aluminum Shift Rod- 3.1" Long
09-0149 09-0149 Brake Pedal Assembly- Kawasaki ZX6R/636R 2009-20
08-5151GP 08-5151GP Shift Pedal Assembly- Kawasaki ZX636R 2019-20 GP S...
04-BH616Z BHSC M6x16Z 10.9(Hand Guards-05-0315B/316B)
04-BH840Z 8 x 40mm BHCS- Zinc
04-FH620Z Flat Head M6x20 Zinc Screw
04-FN6LZ 04-FN6LZ Nut Free-Flow 6mm LHS Zinc (shift rods) 04-FN6LZ
04-WA588WAV .588 ID Wave Washer (05-0315)
05-0225P2 05-0225P2 Shift/Brake Pin
05-4225SP1 - QTY: 2 05-4225SP1 Suzuki SV650 03-11-SV1000 All Yrs Shift Side- Spa...
08-0227P 08-0227P Shift Pedal Pivot- Suzuki SV650 2003-09- ZX636R 201...
08-4145 08-4145 Adjustable 2 hole Shift Shaft- Black W/ bolts
08-4899 08-4899 Adjustable Pedal Tip- Black W/ Bolt
08-6MLH 08-6MLH Rod end- 6mm MLH (08-0247-425-428-9-448-452-465- K33...

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