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Volkswagen Bus (Krankenwagen-Ambulance) 1977

Volkswagen Bus (Krankenwagen-Ambulance) 1977

Make: Volkswagen
Model: Bus (Krankenwagen-Ambulance) 
Year: 1977
Color: Off White 
Vin: 2772146939
Mileage: 57,322 
Location: Denver, Colorado 



This Volkswagen Ambulance (Krankenwagen) is a truly fine example of an actual German service vehicle in the 1970's. Stagged with medical equipment and a medical dummy to provide the full experience. 

Though not in perfect condition, it is in shockingly good condition considering its was a purpose built vehicle meant for service the day it left the final assembly line. 

Overall its still in the same condition it was the day of its retirement from the service fleet prior to importation into the USA.

In the photo above you can see some body damage to the right rear quarter panel, that seems to add to the character of this one off vehicle. 

 Below you'll find detailed photos, videos, as well as all the vehicles archive of documents. 



Exterior Full 

 Exterior Detail 




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