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Volkswagen Bus (Feuerwehr-Fire Truck) 1959

 Volkswagen Bus (Feuerweher-Fire Truck) 1959 

Make: Volkswagen 
Year: 1959 
Color: Red 
Vin: 435778
Mileage: 27,646 (May increase)  
Location: Denver, Colorado 

Main Features: 

Complete Original Fire Fighting Equipment
Blue Hella Emergency Light
Original Water Pump
Tons of Vintage and Antique Accessories
Restored Spotlight with Mount and 2 outlets
Bekowa Roof Rack with Wooden Brackets
Restored 36hp Engine
Original Cab Area Upholstery and Panels
Bosche Horns
Original SK688 Color Paint
Powder Coated Rims and Hand Painted Chrome Hubcaps. 

This is a 1959 Fire Bus Red (SK688) Feuerwehr "Fire Engine Bus" in mint condition. It still contains the original upholstery & German Equipment that was used by the fire brigade; most of which is stamped "59" to match the year of the bus. The Correct 36hp engine is in great condition. Everything has been restored to original according to the information located in the M-Code & Vin plates. As shown in the pictures, this is a solid vintage piece of history.

The body is in excellent condition with no rust or bubbling. The color is the original Fire Bus Red (SK688). You can still see this code in the headlight bucket. 

Rockers, doglegs, battery tray, floors and wheel wells are all perfectly strait, solid metal. All the doors and seems close to near perfection with new seals rubber. 

The paint is perfect and has a mirror shine, with original logos and shields.  Being a euro 1959 this model has semaphores (Turn Signals) that flip out versus the standard bullet turn signals, but may need some attention as the actuator are weak. 

This bus has all the accessories that allowed the German firemen to put out fires and save lives for over 40 years. Starting with the large black spotlight mounted on the front of the bus powered by a spotlight outlet. The roof rack comes fitted with the drafting hoses that can be attached to the fire hydrant or directly into a body of water. 

Then there is all the unique German fire fighting equipment. These are all things that were fitted in each Feuerwehr, to tackle any obstacle. Including a 1959 industrial VW motor that is mounted behind the pump, powered by the magneto and is hand cranked. 

The cab area still has its original upholstery, with no tears, rips, or even fading on the bench seat. 

This bus engine is the correct engine and has been professionally restored. 


Below, you'll find multiple videos, some historical information, a full photo gallery, and the contents of the Documentation Binder. 
1959 Volkswagen Bus Feuerweher Fire Truck

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