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Husqvarna FE350 2014

 SOLD: Husqvarna FE350 2014 

Make: Husqvarna 
Model: FE350
Year: 2014
Vin: VBKUAK40XEM215873
Mileage: 574.2   
Price: SOLD
Title Status: Certificate of origin. Sold with Bill of Sale.  
Location: Denver, Colorado 
Condition: Vehicle inspected by professional mechanic 11/16/2022. 
  • Running and driving: Yes 
  • Battery Test: Passed
  • Check engine/warning lights: N/A
  • Lights: Headlights, Tail lights, Brake lights, all working
  • Fluids: Okay
  • Tires: Tread worn, but okay. 
  • Brake Pads: Okay 
  • Belts: N/A
  • Air Filter: Okay
  • Suspension: Okay 
  • Repairs required: None

Like the entire range of 2014 Husky motorcycles, the FE 350 features the polyamide rear subframe that’s offered across the Husky lineup. Husky says “uniquely housing the airbox and electronics of each model, the high-tech composite construction of the polyamide subframe is designed to offer optimum rigidity while also allowing more flex than a traditional aluminum structure. The unique three-piece fiberglass-reinforced subframe also provides an ideal grab handle, and gives the bike greater impact resistance (polyamide will bend back into place unlike aluminum).”

And also like the entire lineup of Husky machinery, the FE 350 arrives with an aluminum swingarm built from the single component casting process, and WP suspension.

Speaking of the middle-displacement four-stroke endure, Husqvarna says “the FE 350 also carries the Pankl crankshaft and connecting rod, but receives its own unique Vertex forged piston.

“The high-revving 349.7cc DOHC engine is the ideal balance between a 250 and 450, and its peak power of over 45 hp make it more than capable of keeping up with premier class competitors.

“Titanium intake valves are operated by DLC-coated finger followers, which ensure low friction and high revs. Cam timing and Pankl crankshaft are tuned for enduro-style riding, and also ensure ample durability and long service intervals




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