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Woodcraft Clipon Riser Fitment

Clipon Riser Information (read before purchasing)

Fitment - IMPORTANT - Since there are limitess options, clipon risers are listed here on this site as a universal part. Do not assume that they will bolt on because they show as available on your shop by bike function. Many bikes cannot use risers due to interference issues. A good starting point is click this link to read the CLIPON RISER FITMENT GUIDE. This will detail for you the basic things to check for to ensure that you can use risers.

Clipon "Rise" - A 1 inch clipon riser does not mean that it is 1" higher than your stock bar. It means instead that it is 1 inch higher than a standard Woodcraft clipon. For example, if you own a 2008 CBR600, your bike has a stock handlebar that rises 1.5 inches. A standard clipon would be 1.5 inches LOWER than your stock bar and a 2 inch riser would be 0.5 inches HIGHER than your stock bar.??????????????

Clipon Diameter - This is the diameter of your fork tube that goes through the top triple clamp. Be careful, as if your bike has upside down forks the spec sheet for your bike will show the lower section diameter and NOT the part the fork that you need to know. Many clipons are a bolt-on application, but many others require modifications for installation. The Woodcraft Clipon Application chart (CLICK HERE) shows the clipon diameter, but does not guarantee fitment. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us, we're happy to help.

Bar Color - most bar options are available in either natural silver or clear anodized finish.

Bar Diameter - 7/8" Bars are the standard for 95% of sport bikes. The most common 1" bars are on Harley Davidson and current Triumph Thruxton/Bonneville models.

Bar Length - Standard bars are 12 inches long, which leaves about 10 inches of exposed bar to work with. Riders most often select XL (13.5 inch long) bars when they are planning to run a Woodcraft lever guard, need extra room on the bar for extra switches or if they simply want the option for wider bars as a personal preference.

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