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Unitree Go1 Pro Robo Dog (Demo) #0517

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Used, and has an inoperative camara

Notes from the manufacture: 

Start The Era Of Mobile Robots Truly Entering The Lives Of The People - Unitree Robotics is a well-known start-up company in the world's robotics circle, and an outstanding pioneer in commercializing high-performance quadruped robot in the worldwide market, pushing mobile robots into people's lives.

App - It provides omni-directional and ultra wide-angle video image transmission, which can observe the surrounding and terrain of the dog on the app, making the operation within the beyond visual range as simple and convenient as being on the scene.


Intelligent Side-follow System - The robot walks alongside its human master within sight of the human, which is much better than the conventional following mode. Besides, the human-machine interaction is both harmonious and safe. No need to worry about the robot since it's right beside you. People are capable of helping robot choosing a better route in the complex environment.

Super Sensory System - Full View Coverage; 5 Sets Fish-Eye Stereo Depth Cameras + AI Post-processing; Lens Angle ~150°×170°.


Built-in Powerful AI - 16 core CPU + GPU(384Core, 1.5TFLOPS) For reference, the Nvidia TX2 has CPU (4 cores) +GPU(256Core, 1.3TFlops

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